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Affordable Aesthetic Improvements:

In certain cases, to get the best aesthetic results, a veneer or a set of veneers is needed. Veneers are just very thin specialized pieces of dental porcelain that are fabricated by a dental lab and are bonded to slightly) prepared teeth. The result can be quite stunning and with proper care can last many years.


This procedure is usually completed within two to three appointments. At the first appointment, your needs and study models are taken. The second appointment is where we lightly prep or recontour the teeth to allow the veneers to be bonded on. A highly accurate impression is taken at this session. The third appointment is used to bond the veneers to the teeth.

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Practice Tidbit:

Not sure what is covered by insurance? Our patients can have their treatment plans submitted electronically (if available) to your insurance company to "predetermine" what is covered and to what extent.