Promenade Court Dental Group  

2233 Hurontario St.,  Mississauga, ON (905) 273 7100  

Oral Surgery (Tooth Extractions)

Convenience, Comfort and Care:

Our practice philosophy is to minimize the healing time and any discomfort from an oral surgery procedure. Moderately advanced cases can be handled in our office. Certain, complex cases may be referred to our great team of specialists in the area.

Of course, our care does not end with the loss of a tooth. We offer comfort calls in the days following an extraction in order to follow up on the progress of the healing . Before (if possible) or during the healing process, we will work with you to create a treatment plan to replace the lost tooth or teeth.

In cases where care after-hours is needed, we offer an emergency number for you to call and have a pharmacy on-site with extended evening and weekend hours.

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Practice Tidbit:

The practice is surrounded by a wall of windows. So what do we do? We try growing tropical plants indoors! You'll find the plants in the operatories and in the common waiting areas .