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Hygiene Services

Prevention is the Key to Success:

The key to success for great oral health is preventive maintenance. Early detection of any issues and prompt treatment lead to a positive dental experience.

At a hygiene (cleaning) appointment, an assessment of the gums, teeth, soft tissues, head and neck are done. Radiographs (X-rays) may be taken and routine oral cancer screenings are done for our adult patients.

Once the session is completed, we give out toothbrushes, samples of toothpaste and schedule your next hygiene appointment. While most appointments are usually 6 months apart, some patients may need to be seen more frequently (3 or 4 months) depending on the status of their mouth.

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Practice Tidbit:

The toothbrushes we hand out are a great standard brush with a grippy handle, small head, soft bristles and a tongue scraper. Child brushes are similar but glow in the dark!