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Full and Partial Denture Appliances

Restoring your Smile Using Dentures:

Denture are a set of false teeth manufactured by a dental laboratory that replace one or many missing teeth. They are a good alternative when implants or bridgework are not available as options.
Complete Denture Promenade Court DentalUsually, the creation of a set of dentures require 4 to 5 short appointments for the taking of impressions and to ensure the best fit possible.

We also offer fast (same day if possible) denture repair services along with denture relines to make your existing set of dentures fit better.

Looking to get a new set of dentures without significantly changing the fit of your old set? We are one of the first practices in the area to use the Celara technique that virtually replicates the fit of your old denture, while giving you a totally new denture.

Have more questions? Feel free to give us a call. In addition, there are a couple of great sites that can help:

Medline Plus: Dentures (A service of the US National Library of Medicine)
Dentures: Frequently Asked Questions (A service of the American Dental Association)

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