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Custom Mouthwashes:

Customized Mouthwashes:

A number of oral problems can be helped with the use of oral rinses. Some are old favourites, such as the warm salt water rinses as a cheap oral cleanser and very mild antibacterial. Others can be purchased without a prescription such as fluoride rinses (daily or weekly) for people who are susceptible to cavities and/or have mild tooth sensitivity. Still others require a prescription such as the popular antibacterial mouthwash: Peridex.

We have the ability, through our pharmacist colleagues, to custom compound specific solutions for you, if needed. Certain examples are:

  1. Topical clonazepam for burning mouth syndrome

  2. Glutamine mouthwashes for chemotherapy/ radiation induced mucositis that can also include morphine for pain.

  3. Tetracycline, nystatin, triamcinolone, and 2-deoxy-d-glucose (Rinse # 5) for apthous ulcers to reduce pain and promote healing

  4. Alcohol-free solutions to reduce burning and irritation

  5. Sugar-free solutions for diabetic patients and to reduce the risk for cavities

  6. Flavoured solutions to make it easier for patients to use

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