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Crowns and Implants

Affordable Aesthetic Improvements:

To replace missing or compromised teeth, a crown, implant or bridge may be needed. A crown (or cap) isNobel Biocare Procera Crown. Promenade Court Dental in Mississauga usually placed on teeth that have been heavily restored in order to increase strength, function, and aesthetics. The procedure involves removing 1-2mm of tooth structure and then taking an impression. This impression then sent to a dental lab for fabrication. During the two weeks required to make your crown, a temporary crown is cemented on for looks. The final crown is then cemented on your tooth in a short procedure.

An implant is for areas of the mouth where there is no tooth root or any other significant tooth structure. A consult with an oral surgeon is required as a first step to assess the quality of bone in your jaw. Then, at aPicture of Nobel Biocare Implant. Promenade Court Dental in Mississauga subsequent appointment, a titanium implant is placed in your jaw under local anesthetic. After a period of healing and integration, impressions are taken and an implant crown is cemented in. Depending on the location of the missing tooth, a temporary tooth may be fabricated for you.

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Practice Tidbit:

Not sure how your mouth might look with crowns, implants, bridges or veneers? For a minimal cost, we can do study models that will allow a dental lab to fabricate a wax version of the final result.